Thursday, April 07, 2005

Zebra404 for DFM April 7 (Show 34)

No new music of me this week. I was spending my time on setting up my studio tools again. Bought some great sound enhancers too so I should have a much better sound now. I'm sure that the operator of DFM will be very happy with this.
So there's no new music of me in this podcast but I have enough other own material to please you. And there's a cool reggae song in this show wich is made by a good friend of me. We have plans to make some music together by using Reason and swapping files with each other. That could be end in a completely online-made project. Great, isn't it?

Right now you can listen this show.

If you have comments just send it to zebra404@xs4all.nl

Till next week!

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