Thursday, February 03, 2005

Zebra404 for DFM februari 3 (Show 26)

A new radioshow with music from all over the world. Just like the past weeks. Still having a lot of problems with my ears so I thought it would be better not to overload them by making music. On the other hand there was some other 'whitenoise' going on in personal life so I didn't feel in a mood for making music anyway. But there's a lot to enjoy this week in this radioshow. It's nice to be in the role of mr. DJ for a while too. I really missed that part of making radio. Even while I'm not doing it in my own language (Dutch) in wich I'll feel much more comfortable. But ok it's for DFM RTV Int. and because of the 'Int' part I think I have to deal with it. Hope it's not SO bad. Listen youself by clicking here

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