Monday, December 27, 2004

Zebra404 for DFM december 27 (Show 21)

This week I did feel a bit better. Stil not the 100% Zebra I used to be, but okay I'm dealing with it. I was glad I did find some time to make three new mixes for this show. During the show I had some technical problems with the sound by the way. It did sound like mud. But after a bit of tuning with some plugins, it was ok. But I will really need some better cables here and need to check out the soundoutput to increase the quality. Well for you it's not that important because you're listening to a very LoFi version. But I save the shows in better quality too. For a CD perhaps.Who knows. If people are interessted in it...
Well, let's cut the crap:here is a brand new show to catch. Have fun with it.

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